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The village of Muzika Rakonto is growing day by day!

                           ...and little musicians are popping up everywhere!

"[...] So I didn't hesitate long for the great concept of Muzika Rakonto! Everything is sweet from the logo inside the said boxes! We opted for the one on the wind with a kalimba, the cd by Cécile Corbel who we have already seen in concert, small standing stones to stack to complete our collection and the activity/explanation booklet.  Verdict: a beautiful moment of sharing with the boys, the older one recognized several fairly well-known pieces of the cd, allowing him to evoke his aunt's harp, while the little one danced. The kalimba was a huge success and has already toured the neighborhood to present the "new instrument" to the neighbors! " ~ @Louzoumoustik

"  [ ...] A real little instrument adapted to your child's age (not a plastic toy), a great CD (which Lucile searches for you among the infinite number of artists, in order to ensure quality, relevance and not to make you buy the same one twice), small documents dealing with the instrument and/or music, QR Code links to musical demos... You can subscribe or not (cancellable at any time), take a box to try and/or share the info...BUT IT'S REALLY GREAT!!! "  ~ Benoit

"  Thank you  Sounds & Senses 🎵 .  The Tuesday afternoon workshops are already fantastic, rich in music and sharing, the boxes are just as wonderful ♥️. The magnificent box of the month of February, with great surprises, beautiful discoveries and a lot of love inside ♥️♥️."  ~ Amber

" My 8-year-old daughter loves the boxes so much that she switches from one instrument to another without any problem. She is able, for example, to play (fresh wind, morning wind) on the Kalimba, then switch to the xylophone, the metalophone and even on her piano ♥️ ."~ Emmanuelle

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