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About Muzika Rakonto...


Muzika Rakonto is a young French brand created in December 2020 by myself, Lucile, the founder of the musical space Des sons  & The senses.  Following the cessation of cultural and in particular musical activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic and not seeing the point of practicing videoconference sessions for very young children during the first two confinements, I decided to create especially for them musical cards then  box by subscription … I was also keen to support cultural actors whose activities had been at a complete standstill since the 1st confinement. This is why, we can find in the boxes of the discs of French artists.


Thus was born Muzika Rakonto (a musical story in Esperanto).


Driven by the desire to transmit another vision of musical awakening, I wish to offer with this brand "musical toolboxes" to allow parents, grandparents and childcare facilities to support the natural development of meaning. music in their children.



What can we find on the e-shop?

The Muzika Rakonto e-shop is a bookstore-boutique, which means that you will find books as well as records, instruments, care/wellness products and subscription boxes ( find out more )!

For the moment, the boxes offered are intended for children from birth to 6 years old. But, and as is already the case at the musical space Des sons & Des sens, I will suggest  very soon subscriptions for children from 7 to 11 years old and for the accompaniment of women (pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum).


For the moment you can already find products for sale individually among  which include those of craftsmen,  Made in France creators and producers who have collaborated with Muzika Rakonto.

There are no samples here, whether for boxes or single products, the items put online are real products.  carefully selected and handcrafted.



For an ethical & human experience ~

Each package is made at the musical space. The boxes are stamped with ink one by one and arranged by myself. Although not all products are (yet!) all Made in France,  I make it a point of honor to tend towards more local, ethical, ecological, in order to guarantee an experience on a human scale that respects everyone's work and the environment.

The processing of orders and shipments ~

Muzika Rakonto operates on a pre-order system in order to avoid overproduction and maintain a respectful flow of artisans and creators. You can place your orders from  1st to 25th of each month. the  Orders will be processed from the 26th of the month and shipments will begin at the beginning of the following month.


Shipping and delivery times will always be specified and you will be kept informed from the first processing of your order.

You will also find online versions of the educational booklets and various Muzika Rakonto files in PDF format, which can be downloaded immediately after payment.

Contact me ~

For any request for information,   do not hesitate to contact me via the right form  here .


See you soon :) 


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